synchromesh wirerope

The synchromesh wirerope is manufactured by combining coating technology and wire-twisting technology.This provides the advantage of wireropes (possible 3D distribution) and the convenience of timing belts (easy mounting). This wirerope employs the same gear-mesh type transmission as the timing belt.

Patent Number : 3643105 (Japan) /   I 234622 (Taiwan)


  1. The synchromesh wirerope is manufactured through continuous forming. As it is not an endless type like the timing belt, any length can be selected.
  2. With its round external design, this wirerope can be distributed in a 3D space in the same way as an ordinary wirerope. Unlike ordinary wireropes, however, it does not need to be wound around a drum.
  3. The mesh transmission allows it to be driven with a lower tension than an ordinary wirerope.
  4. The helical construction reduces meshing noise, providing excellent low-noise properties.

Note : Exclusive drive gears are required.

Application Examples

Office automation equipment, home electric appliances, automobiles, FA, etc.



synchromesh wirerope construction


Exclusive drive gear

Since the synchromesh wirerope is driven by the same mesh transmission system as the timing belt, it requires exclusive gears for use in the drive. The gear is manufactured by injection molding of a resin such as POM and PBT. Drive gears manufactured by cutting are available for proto-typing and test purposes.

synchromesh wirerope drive gear




Type AS-40 AS-60 AS-80 AS-100 AS-120
(P: mm)
2.03 2.82 - 3.05 3.53 - 3.81 4.23 - 5.08 6.35
Outer diameter
(D: mm)
1.04 1.50 2.06 2.60 3.40
Core diameter
(d: mm)
0.45 0.60 0.80 1.00 1.20
Side span
(W: mm)
0.52 0.72 0.92 1.15 1.38
Twisting angle
49 45 - 50 51 - 53 50 - 55 51
Breaking Load
103.0 161.8 323.6 647.2 784.5
Note : The wireropes can also be manufactured to custom specifications.