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Single Lumen Tubing 

Asahi Intecc custom extrudes thermoplastic and fluoropolymer single lumen tubing in FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) , PTFE, PFA, PE (polyethylene), NYLON, PEBAX (polyether block amide), TPU, PU (polyurethane), PP.  For size and wall thickness range of each material, please refer to our specification page or contact us for further information.  Tubing can be provided on a spool or precision cut lengths.


Single Lumen Tubing




Polymer Extrusion Concentricity and Surface Conditions

Manufacturing in a ISO 13485 approved 100,000 Clean Room environment, Asahi Intecc – GMA offers the highest level of consistent concentricity for single-lumen extrusions. A polymer tube’s concentricity results in stronger resistance to burst pressure and ease to assemble other parts. Concentricity of our extruded polymer shafts naturally results in a consistently superior appearance, compared to the often eccentric shapes of other polymer tubings in the global marketplace. Along with concentricity for extrusions is our attention to polymer surface conditions which are free of gels and melt fractures. As Asahi Intecc has in-house polymer compounding capabilities with a choice of small size and middle size twin screw extruders, we can choose the equipment and the conditions to optimize the concentricity and surface conditions of our polymer extrusions.

Asahi intecc Tubing  Asahi intecc Tubing                        GMA Tubing  Competitors tubing

                                                                                                                                       GMA Tubing vs Competitor's tubing




Variable Flexibility Tubing

This tubing may be used where a proximal push and rotation along with a delicately flexible distal tip is desirable to access the treatment area.  Offered on our catheters and as part of our OEM/ODM and assembly services, the multi-segmented flexibility is seamless without manually connecting joints between the two or more selected materials and durometers for the catheter shaft.


 Variable Flexibility Tubing


Thin Wall Tubing

Thin wall polymer tubing is offered in PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), PFA (perfluoroalkoxy), PE, and ETFE (ethylenetetrafluoroethylene).  Thin-wall tubes can be custom manufactured for multi-layer tubing and braided tubing, and often as inner liners for our 1-1 torque stainless hollow shafts.  For details with your challenging delivery system, material, mechanical, chemical, and dimensional requirements, please contact us.



Custom Compounding Service

Asahi Intecc offers to medical tubing manufacturers and polymer processors a compounding service in materials of FEP, PTFE, PFA, PE (HDPE - high density polyethylene, LDPE - low density polyethylene), NYLON, (Grilamid, Polyamide, Polyamide Elastomer, PEBAX) TPU, PP (polypropylene), in small, affordable quantities and short lead-times.  Small lots (5kg) with excellent consistency and dispersion may be blended or pelletized in a wide range of colors.  Contrast media options include bismuth trioxide Bi2O3, barium sulfate (BaSO4), bismuth subcarbonate (BiO)COare available for applications which are viewed under fluoroscopy.



Pellet (material)

GMA accommodates small lot and customizing, and blend virgin pellet, contrast media and color. Minimum LOT is 2kgf Business target is medical tube company.

Plastic Pellets for Custom Compounding                               Plastic Pellets for Custom Compounding



Multi-Layer Tubing - Polymer

For customers who need visualization under X-Rays, such as angiographic catheters, Asahi Intecc may provide tubing with bismuth or barium stripes as a radiopaque, chemically resistant resin in a multi-layer tube.



ETFE and PU Tube

3 Stripe

 Contrast Media for Medical Device Extruded Tubing

Fluorine: ETFE, FEP + Barium 20%

PU: TPU + Barium 20%



PTFE Over the Mandrel

Provided on a spool, PTFE is coated on the mandrel by a dipping process.The mandrel size ranges from 0.45mm to 2.30mm. The PTFE wall thickness (one side can range from 0.008mm to 0.012mm (0.00031” to 0.00047” or 8 to 12 microns).The PTFE is chemically etched on catheter delivery systems, microcatheters, and other delivery systems, where an instrument or a guidewire passes through a PTFE coated lumen.



Multi-Layer Tubing – Polymer and Braided Reinforcement (Nylon, Tungsten, Stainless)

Nylon, tungsten, or stainless braid can be braided over a lubricious, low-friction, drug resistant PTFE liner with a silver mandrel to provide torque response, kink and fluid pressure resistance (saline, blood, drug, chemical, nutrient).  Pitch and pick count may be adjusted on the braid for customized flexibility, kink-resistance, and torque properties.



Mandrel + PTFE Thin Wall Tube+Braiding

SS Braiding                                    Nylon Braiding

Stainless braid for catheter shaft     Nylon braid for catheter shaft

Mandrel + PTFE thin wall tube +braiding is provided by spool.

These are components for Micro Catheter and Guiding Catheter.




Micro Catheter Shaft Structure

 Braided shaft



ACTONE with Inner Tube (PTFE, PE, ETFE, PEBAX) and Outer Extrusion

Fully extruded torque assemblies with ACTONE CABLE TUBE with high performance PTFE or ETFE inner liners are offered in sizes from 3F or less and up to 12F. Inner tubing may be attached by chemical etching, adhesive bonding on both ends,depending on the wall thickness, flexibility, and 1-1 torque requirements.



ASAHI Components Plus Inside Outside Coating

Asahi Intecc offers extrusion, dip coat, and heat shrink (1mm to 1.6mm recovered ID in PTFE or FEP) solutions for customers developing delivery systems with drive cables, torque coils under 3F to respectively up to 21F and 18F to improve lubricity and bonding strength.  Customers can now enjoy a more consolidated supply base with excellent in-house expertise in both metal and polymer solutions. 



Secondary Operations

Marker band installation,  Annealing/post curing, profiles/Shapes, flaring can be also provided.