Integrating four core technologies to shape advanced requirements

As an R&D-oriented company, our manufacturing of product have always been supported by the knowledge and experience required to assure the high level standards. What makes it all possible is the powerful suite of original technologies developed and cultivated through our experience in pursuing our customers' leading-edge demands. These comprehensive, high-performance microtechnologies include the wire drawing technology that forms the foundation of each product, the wire forming technology and coating technology used to process wireropes and coils, and the torque technology that assures enhanced maneuverability. What sets ASAHI INTECC apart is that these four technologies are at the core of each and every one of our products and are expertly combined as required to ensure the best characteristics of each product.


Production Process at ASAHI INTECC

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Wire drawing technology

wire drawing tech

Wire drawing technology produces the wires that are used to make wire ropes, wire bars and coils. Continuous cold-working using diamond dies polished to micrometric levels of precision allows us to achieve target diameters with increments as small as 2 μm. To maintain this extraordinary precision, we use a special laser meter that performs non-contact measurement of the diamond die shapes, ensuring that wire quality is maintained at the highest level.

Wire forming technology

wire forming tech

Our wire forming technology processes the wires created by our wire drawing technology to produce wire ropes and coils adapted to the specific requirements of different applications. Our unique technology and processing machinery facilitate processing with higher precision.


 Torque technology

Our medical devices have gained an excellent reputation in the market for their unsurpassed rotation tracking. Made possible by our unique processing machinery and exclusive torque technology, the rotation tracking capability of ASAHI INTECC wires provides guide wires and catheters with superior maneuverability.



Coating technology

coating tech

Our coating technologies include a processing technology used to coat wires and ropes with a 2 to 5 μm ultrathin film of PTFE resin and an extrusion molding technology to process thermoplastic resin such as nylon resin into a film with a minimum thickness of 20 μm. These coating processes provide wires and ropes with new properties that combine the characteristics of both metals and resins.