Quality control and consistent production

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ASAHI INTECC's consistent in-house production system facilitates comprehensive quality control

ASAHI INTECC has established a consistent in-house production system based on its core technologies. At each step of the production process - from the selection of raw materials to the completion of final products, we employ the latest and most advanced production and inspection equipment to ensure that we are able to supply our customers with reliable products that precisely meet their needs.
In the Industrial Device Division, we are proud of the high quality that we have achieved up to now, but we are still not satisfied. On the contrary, we are committed to raising the quality of our products to ever higher levels while endeavoring to develop new technology to meet increasing stringent requirements for precision and accuracy.


Mass-production center

Thailand Factory Vietnam Hanoi Factory
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To better meet the diverse needs of customers, ASAHI INTECC is fusing its R&D and production technology to create a system that combines the innovation and flexibility of R&D with the manufacturing power of mass-production technology. Our center for mass production is ASAHI INTECC Thailand. This facility features a strict production control system established according to ISO standards and uses the same state-of-the-art production equipment that is used in Japan. ASAHI INTECC Thailand delivers high-quality, high-reliability industrial products to the market by mass-producing them in a consistent production system that includes everything from wires to terminal processing.

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Quality Certificate

Thailand facility - Medical OEM/Industrial Factory ISO13485 2003, ISO9001 2008, FDA Registered

Vietnam Hanoi facility -Medical OEM/Industrial Factory ISO13485 2003, FDA Registered

Osaka R&D center - ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 & ISO 14001

Seto R&D center - ISO 13485, FDA Registered