Medical OEM Product Information

Miniature Coil

These small diameter coils are made of Stainless steel type 304 & type 316. The coil shapes include the round wire coils, flat wire coils and Inner lumen flat wire coil . These coils are applied in endoscopic devices, guidewires, outer coils, etc.

Round Wire Coil Flat Wire Coil
Round wire coil Flat wire coil


Round wire


Outside dia.: inch(mm)

Min. Max.
data 001a_round data 001b_round 0.0039(0.10) 0.1378(3.50)
data 002a_flat data 002b_flat 0.0055(0.14) 0.0787(2.00)
data 003a_innerlumenflat data 003b_innerlumenflat 0.0787(2.00) 0.0984(2.50)

Round Wire

* Please contact us about the specifications.