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ASAHI INTECC can fabricate the guidewire to customer specifications.
Core materials include stainless material and Ni-Ti, while coil materials include stainless material, platinum, etc. Guidewire featuring ASAHI INTECC's original torque wire is available for customers who require high torque performance, furthermore, PTFE coating or hydrophilic coating is available for those who require much more lubricious surface.

[Steerable guidewire]
steerable guidewire
[spring guidewire]
spring guidewire
[Plastic clad guidewire]
plastic clad guidewire



ASAHI INTECC can fabricate the catheter to customer specifications.
The fabrication process includes from compounding raw material resin such as nylon, polyamide or polyurethane, and extruding resin, to assembling a finished product. Flexible braid treatment is possible according to detailed orders on the wire diameter, tensile strength, pitch, etc. Hydrophilic coating is also available for improved surface lubricity.

Image 004_catheter


Other device



Stylet wire

snare stylet wire


* Please contact us about the specifications.


Spring Type Diagnostic Guidewire

spring type diagnostic guidewire

Asahi Intecc Diagnostic spring type wires are developed using our unique guidewire processing technology which balances both the stiffness and flexibility. The core wire provides optimal pushability and support while its unique stainless steel ribbon enhances the guidewire flexibility and safety. Also, our PTFE coating on the surface allows for smooth wire movement.


Tip shape:Stright, Angle, J

tip shape 01

Heating and non-heating options for tip shaping is available.


Product surface: PTFE coating, Depth Mark

ptfe01 ptfe02 ptfe03


Standard Spec

O.D. Tip Shaping Surface
inch mm
.018 0.46 Stright、
PTFE cotating
Depth Mark
.021 0.53
.032 0.81



.035 0.89
.038 0.97
.052 1.32



Guidewire Coating Designs

guidewire coating design